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Give It A Swirl Day Local Events

Posted: 7/9/2007

County        :    Kildare
Event/Project Name:        Garden of Nations
Organisation Name:        N.U.I. Maynooth
Time Of Day        :    All day
Number of Volunteers:    Closed Event
Location Address:        N.U.I. Maynooth
Brief Event Description:     ‘GIVE IT A SWIRL’ NUIM STYLE:  
‘Campus of welcomes and inclusivity’

There is a small patch of land behind the Students’ Union Offices here on campus at NUIM.  The University has very kindly agreed to it being developed as ‘The Garden of Nations’, in honour of our ever growing International student cohort. Unlike other ‘Give it a Swirl’ events around the country, this is a closed event.

The main volunteer action on the day will be carried out by Management from the university, and will entail the following:

·    As the area is quite overgrown at present, it will be necessary to cut back the grass under the hedgerow, and the lawn.
·    Whilst Primroses will be planted in the hedgerow, and flower bulbs and roses will be planted around the edges, it is our aim to source plants commonly associated with each of the representative nations here on campus; those suited to an Irish climate.
·    The erection of a piece of sculptor, and a framed billboard of flags representative of the countries of our International students.
·    The presence of our International students for a fun event that will include some light food/refreshments.

Whilst the day, in and of itself, is of huge importance, it is in keeping with our policy to organise an event that then requires consistent volunteer participation into the future.  Therefore, rather than landscaping the garden on the day, and expecting the maintenance of it to fall back on the Grounds Maintenance staff, student volunteers registered with us at KVB Outreach will attend to the garden’s long term care. In so doing we will be fostering the love and nurture of our space as well as creating a place that is both, metaphorically and physically, a place of inclusiveness.

Age:                N/A
Projects:             N/A
Contact Name:         Doreen - 01 7084712
Email Address:
Give It A Swirl Day

County    :        Kildare
Event/Project Name:        Environmental Conservation    
Organisation Name:         Irish Peatland Conservation Council
Time Of Day:            All Day
Number of Volunteers:     20
Location Address:         1) The Bog of Allen Nature Reserve
                 2) Lullymore West Bog
Brief Event Description: As part of Heritage Week 2007 the Irish Peatland Conservation Council have been removing invasive species and coppicing of birch trees to manage Lullymore West Bog Wildlife Reserve in Co. Kildare as part of our Marsh Fritillary Butterfly Conservation Project. The aim of removing invasive species is to maintain and create habitat conditions suitable for the food plant of the EU protected Marsh Fritillary Butterfly - Devil¹s Bit Scabious Succisa pratensis).
At the Bog of Allen Nature Centre the Irish Peatland Conservation Council have developed a wildlife garden on what was concrete ground just over 3 years ago.  The creation of this garden has meant that the Irish Peatland Conservation Council can promote the use of peat free composts and at the same time encourage gardeners to compost their own household green waste.
In turn this will help protect the peatlands of Ireland.  The wildlife
gardens at the centre are also chemical free, no herbicides are added to the garden to control weeds, all the weeding is done by hand.
On the 26th September we propose that the volunteers take the day in two sections spending some time in the gardens at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre and some time on Lullymore West bog weeding both the common garden weeds in the wildlife garden and the invasive birch saplings on Lullymore West Bog.
The removal of Birch saplings and smaller invasive species on Lullymore West bog and weeding in the garden will be not be that physical and is suitable for younger and older volunteers. However, we do recommend that volunteers be relatively fit as active work can be tiring.
I hope this is sufficient information for you, if you have any questions or
queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Age:                N/A
Projects:            N/A
Contact Name:        Michelle / Mick @ 045 449156
Email Address: /
Give It A Swirl Day

County    :        Kildare        
Event/Project Name:        Access Audit Leixlip
Organisation Name:        People With Disabilities Ireland
                Athy Access Group
                Newbridge Access Group
                Kildare Volunteer Bureau    
Time Of Day:            2.30 p.m.
Number of Volunteers:    All welcome
Location Address:        Leixlip and Leixlip House Hotel        
Brief Event Description:    An access audit with be conducted at 2.30 throughout the main street of Leixlip.     To highlight areas presenting access issues for people with disabilities.
    Following the audit there will be an open meeting for people wishing to set up an access group in Leixlip.
    Guest speakers from various Access groups throughout the county will share information on how they have approached this vital work.
Age:                N/A            
Projects:            N/A
Contact Name:        Michelle / Mick  -  045 449156    
Email Address: /
Give It A Swirl Day

County    :        Kildare            
Event/Project Name:        Volunteering With People In The Disability Sector    
Organisation Name:        K.A.R.E.,
Sisters of Charity, Moore Abbey    
St. John of God, St. Raphaels
Best Buddies
Kildare Volunteer Bureau    
Time Of Day:            7.30 p.m.
Number of Volunteers:    All welcome
Location Address:        Osprey Hotel, Naas
Brief Event Description:    Volunteers and service users will share their personal experiences.
    The organisations will give details of their various volunteering programmes and highlight the challenges of the experience.
Age:                N/A
Projects:            N/A
Contact Name:        Michelle / Mick @ 045 449156
Email Address: /

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