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New opportunities

Posted: 25/9/2006

Performing Arts Celbridge,Camphill Communities,St. Raphaels, Leixlip Youth Group, Enable, H.O.P.E, Teach Tearmainn

Performing Arts Co. Operative Society Ltd.

Working with young people in music and T.V. programming


Job:          Event Assistants

Skills:                Interest in working with young people through music and filming.

Time:                Approx. 10 hours per week


Job:          Office Administration

Skills:                  General office duties i.e. Computers – filing etc.

Time:                 10 hours per week



Camphill Communities of Ireland

“The Camphill Movement works to create communities, in which vulnerable children and adults – many with learning disabilities – can live, learn and work with others in healthy social relationships based upon mutual care and respect”


Job 1:          Coffee Shop Assistants


Skills:        Help prepare and serve food to customers, good interpersonal skills and willingness to work as part of a team.


Time:                11.00 – 2.30 one day a week in rotation with other volunteers


Job 2:          Gardening/Horticulture


Skills:        Interest in gardening/horticulture, patience


Time:                At least one morning/afternoon a week


Job 3:          Weaving, Mending, Sewing, Needlework


Skills:        Ability to sew Hand/Machine, interest in handy crafts, interest in meeting with and chatting with people with special needs.


Time:          1-2 afternoons 2.30-5.30


Job 4:          House Assistant


Skills:        Prepare a meal, baking etc. within special house communities.


Time:                9.15 – 12.45 one or more morning a week


Job 5:          Canoe Instructor


Skills:        Full and Current qualification, interest in people with special needs. A sense of fun.


Time:         Flexible, once a month, also help at canoe camp.


Job 6:          Web Database Programmer


Skills:        Knowledge of CMS in PHS MySQL perl and cgi or similar database. Languages as well as html CSS SEO and basic web design. Experience in working with a diverse group.


Time:          Flexible on own computer, regular meetings.

Job 7:          Computer Network Set-Up


Skills:        Experience in computer networking, multiple user privileges and   Security monitoring.  Knowledge of different hardware solutions for

                Connecting networks between different buildings.


Time:                Flexible



St. John of Gods, St. Raphaels

“Promoting a person centred culture so that a quality service is delivered in a spirit of partnership to individuals with an Intellectual Disability”


Job 1:          Multimedia Library


Supervisor – to work alongside Service Users.


Skills:        Patience, an interest in assistive technology, basic computer knowledge.


Time:     Flexible,      about 4/6 hours per week


Job 2:        Befriending


Skills:        Good interpersonal skills, interests will be matched with Service


Time:        2 hours per week


Job 3:        Swimming Assistants


Skills:        Comfortable in the water, caring, patient, good communication

                And motivated.

Time:        3 hours per week


Job 4:        Support Activities Assistants


Skills:        Patience, caring and a sense of fun


Time:        3 hours per week


Job 5:        Sports Assistants


Skills:        Interest in sports i.e. bowling, basketball, special Olympics etc.,

                Kind, patient, caring, good communicator

Time:        3 hours per week


Job 6:        Independent Living Assistants – supporting people live independently within their community.

Skills:        Patience, empathy, good listening skills, be assertive in a

                Friendly manner.


Time:        2 hours per week


Job 7:        Job Coach Facilitator Accompany clients to jobs in local community


Skills:        Good communicator, motivated, caring, patient, kind


Time:        3 hours per week



Leixlip Youth Group


Job :        Youth Activities Co-ordinators


Skills:        Lots of energy and enthusiasm, interest in working with young people.


Time:        3 hours per week


Teach Tearmainn – Women’s Refuge


Job:        Bag Packers – Dunne’s Stores, Newbridge 18th/19th December.

Time:        3 hours


 Enable Ireland:


Fundraisers: Required for 21/22/23 September


Venue:  Naas and Newbridge





HOPE raise awareness of mental illness and provide funds for local mental health services.

HOPE have organised an event for 15th October in Kildare Town .


Jobs:    Stewards

            People to take sponsorship cards

           People to take part in event





Dept. of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government